December competition

1.On what day is Christmas celebrated? 25 of december
2. What is the traditional bird eaten on Christmas Day in England? turkey,duck and chicken (goose)
3. What is another name for St. Stephen’s Day? Christian
4. What is the name of the queen who introduced the first Xmas tree in Britain? Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
5. What is the name of the writer Who wrote “A Christmas Carol”? Charles Dickens
6. People kiss under the…Mistetloe
7. Santa Claus comes down the…fireplay/chimney
8. Decorated paper tube which makes a noise and contains a small toy…present/ carillon
9. What colors are the ornaments of your teacher’s Christmas tree? (Hint:2 colors) red and yellow/gold
10. Write the title of a Christmas song in English: Joy to the world

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