New competition!



Hi guys! Are you ready for our new competition? This time it is a quiz about the United Kingdom. You have to answer the questions and send me the file before March 4th 2016 (8 pm). Send an email with your answers to [email protected]!

quiz – february competition

There is a special prize waiting for you!



1) DANIELA (3CM)  21/21 points

2) ILENIA (3BM)  21/21 points

3) GIULIA C. (3AM)   20/21 points

Next week you will get your prize!

Thank you to the other brilliant students who took part (Naomi 19/21 points, Harjot and Giada 18/21 points).

Here are the answers

A) c-b-a

B) c-a-b

C) a-b-a

D) b-c-b

E) b-c-c

F) a-c-b

G) b-c-b



Christmas competition: results












 DANIELA!!! (class 3CM)

Congratulations! You win a little prize, a 10 in the register and a no-homework bonus!


This is the rank:

  1. Daniela (3CM)
  2. Sofia (3BM)
  3. Noemi (3CM)
  4. Sara N. (3AM)
  5. Luca (2AM)
  6. Rossella (3AM)
  7. Anna (2AM)
  8. Elisa L. (3CM)
  9. Sara B. (3AM)

Thank you for taking part! Everybody will get a bonus and here are the presents for the first three positions!

foto (8)











Here are the answers to the competition:

  1. December the 25th
  2. Advent
  3. Nativity play
  4. Pantomime
  5. Red and green
  6. 1841
  7. Candles, cakes and sweets
  8. 1843- John Calcott Horsley
  9. Christmas carols
  10. Father Christmas (Santa) comes.
  11. Children traditionally throwing them into the back of the fireplace
  12. the Queen gives her Christmas Message to the nation
  13. roast turkey or goose
  14. a silver coin (six pence)
  15. Thomas Smith
  16. St. Stephen’s Day