Competition (gara)

Hi! Read the following facts about me. There are 5 false things! Write a comment indicating the numbers of the wrong things. If you find all the five lies you will win a prize! This contest ends on Monday evening at 8 p.m.


  1. I love Inter
  2. I adore cats
  3. I have never been to the stadium
  4. I was born in Arzignano
  5. I have got 2 cats
  6. I am 38 years old
  7. I was  a bad student
  8. I can ski
  9. I can speak English, German, French, Spanish
  10. I started teaching 10 years ago
  11. I love sleeping
  12. My best friend is called Stefania
  13. I have got a grey car
  14. I don’t come to school on Thursday
  15. I like dancing
  16. I have got blue eyes
  17. I visited New York in 2009
  18. I am touchy, sensitive, hard-working.
  19. In my flat there are three bedrooms.
  20. My birthday is in February
  21. Last summer I went on a cruise
  22. I can’t stand onions or garlic
  23. My favourite colour is white
  24. My kitchen is white
  25. I can’t play the piano
  26. I like teaching
  27. I have got a  Samsung mobile
  28. I never play football
  29. I sometimes go to the cinema at the weekend
  30. My brother is called Simone