Christmas competition

downloadHi everyone! Here is a sort of competition called “webquest”. It  is really easy to participate. All you need to do is to be fast enough to be the first one to get all the correct answers!

Christmas is one of the most exciting holidays of the year. But do you know why we do the things we do at this festive time of year? During this webquest, you will learn about Christmas customs and traditions in England whilst having a little holiday fun.

The Task:
Answer the questions about traditional English customs. Click on the links!

The Process:
Find  the answer to the question and send them via mail to this email address: [email protected] The competition ends on Wednesday,16 December at 8.00 p.m. Remember to write you name and class!

The Prize:

The winner will get:

  •  a little present
  • one “no-homework bonus” (valid once to spend whenever you want in 2016)
  • a “10” in the register

There will be a small prize for all those students who will submit the quiz and get at least 5 correct answers.

Are you ready??? here are the questions–> click here

Good luck!!!




Something funny about school Big Smile

games to practice your vocabulary!

I Have No Words & I Must DesignHi guys!

Have a look at these fantastic games! They are good to practice vocabulary!

I hope you like them!

Xmas cakes

Do you like cakes? eating or making them? I like making them!
Here are some pictures and recipes.

Recipe for the Yule log













Do you like Cupcakes? Here   and here you can find some inspiration













And if you prefer cookies this is the link for you!








Are you hungry???                I Am !!!!!

December competition

Hi! Here we are again with our monthly contest. This time it is about Christmas.
Please post the answers before December 18 – 8 p.m. ( give short answers)
A Nice present is waiting for you.


Ready? So…

1.On what day is Christmas celebrated? Dec. 25
2. What is the traditional bird eaten on Christmas Day in England? the Turkey
3. What is another name for St. Stephen’s Day? Boxing Day
4. What is the name of the queen who introduced the first Xmas tree in Britain? Queen Charlotte
5. What is the name of the writer Who wrote “A Christmas Carol”? C. Dickens
6. People kiss under the … mistletoe
7. Santa Claus comes down the…chimney
8. Decorated paper tube which makes a noise and contains a small toy…cracker
9. What colors are the ornaments of your teacher’s Christmas tree? (Hint:2 colors) white and silver
10. Write the title of a Christmas song in English Jingle Bells, White Xmas, Santa Claus is coming to town, Last Christas, All I want for Xmas is you, We wish you a merry Xmas…

and the winner is



Tomorrow you will get your Christmas present!

All the other (few) girls (Veronica, Martina, Nicol, Alessia)  who posted a message will get a bonus!

1. Shopping at 1CM

Hi! This is our shopping mall…This morning we went “shopping” in our classroom. There were lots of shops: the baker’s, the greengrocer’s, the toy shop, the sports shop,  the music shop, two clothes shops and a stationer’s!

Good job guys! and we had some “funny” thieves, too!



image image image image image























Which shop was your favourite one? Which one was very expensive? What did you buy?

I bought lots of things: one Inter jersey, one Inter scarf ;), a CD by Shakira and one video, a very nice white and blue hat, some bread and some fruit ,too!

Thank you guys! It was good fun!