1. Revision of can and present continuous













For group 1cm: the Tempest

I am editing the movie about the tempest and you are incredibly good!  The only problem is the setting (our Classroom). Would you like to try to do it one more time outside (at the park) on Friday? In that case, you need to have all your clothes/costumes/stuff this very Friday, ok?  If it is sunny and you remember all your parts we can do it.

1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland



You can play some games here.

Plot: Alice follows  a White  rabbit down a hole and into Wonderland, where her adventures never stop. She attends the Mad Hatter’s tea party, talks to a very unusual caterpillar and plays croquet with the Queen of Hearts. Along the way she meets unusual characters such as a disappearing Cheshire cat to a sleepy dormouse and a mad March hare.

Here is a nice wordsearch

Change Alice’s shape!  or visit the maze!

This is a matching game (memory) and a magic game!  Can you play chess? Then challange the Queen!

Try this recipe if you like cooking!

Find out how old you are!


1. Present simple


Play the frog game! and try the monkey game!  or the catapult game!



Here you can practice affirmative form:

exercise 1    exercise 2    exercise 3  exercise 4   exercise 5

Here you can practice negative form:

exercise 1    exercise 3   exercise 3   exercise 4  exercise 5

Here you can practice interrogative form:

exercise1   exercise2   exercise3   exercise4   exercise5


Watch this video and then play the game!