New competition!



Hi guys! Are you ready for our new competition? This time it is a quiz about the United Kingdom. You have to answer the questions and send me the file before March 4th 2016 (8 pm). Send an email with your answers to [email protected]!

quiz – february competition

There is a special prize waiting for you!



1) DANIELA (3CM)  21/21 points

2) ILENIA (3BM)  21/21 points

3) GIULIA C. (3AM)   20/21 points

Next week you will get your prize!

Thank you to the other brilliant students who took part (Naomi 19/21 points, Harjot and Giada 18/21 points).

Here are the answers

A) c-b-a

B) c-a-b

C) a-b-a

D) b-c-b

E) b-c-c

F) a-c-b

G) b-c-b