Saint Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17 to honor Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint. Almost 1500 years ago the patron saint and national hero of Ireland was born to a Gaelic family who had migrated to Britain. For 16 years, Patrick lived a normal life as the son of a prosperous landowner and magistrate until he was captured and forced into slavery. Patrick spent 6 years herding sheep. He escaped and returned to Ireland to do missionary work.

History reports that he used shamrock leaves to explain the meaning of the Trinity. It is also stated that he drove snakes from Ireland, banishing the venomous serpents by beating his drum. St. Patrick died on March 17, 493 after bringing the Christian faith to Ireland. 


As the Irish emigrated around the world, they took the St. Pat’s celebration with them. The Irish heritage has had a profound influence on our nation. The St. Patrick’s Day custom came to America in 1737. That was the first year St. Patrick’s Day was publicly celebrated in this country, in Boston.


March competition

Hi guys! This month you have to answer the following questions: the winners will be the first 2 students who answer (with good English, of course)!

1. Where does a teacher work?
2. Which do you prefer, basketball or football?
3. Where is London?
4. When is your Birthday?
5. What colour is your English teacher’s car?
6. Who is your favourite star?
7. When are your English lessons?
8. Who is your best friend?
9. Where does Mr Obama live?
10. What is your favourite song?
11. What is your favourite subject?
12. Who is your favourite teacher?
13. Where are your parents from?
14. Which do you prefer, pizza or chocolate cake?
15. What do you do on Saturday?
16. Who is your teacher of Italian?
17. Have you got a pet?
18. What is the capital of Scotland?
19. Can you play the guitar?
20. Do you like English?