1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland



You can play some games here.

Plot: Alice follows  a White  rabbit down a hole and into Wonderland, where her adventures never stop. She attends the Mad Hatter’s tea party, talks to a very unusual caterpillar and plays croquet with the Queen of Hearts. Along the way she meets unusual characters such as a disappearing Cheshire cat to a sleepy dormouse and a mad March hare.

Here is a nice wordsearch

Change Alice’s shape!  or visit the maze!

This is a matching game (memory) and a magic game!  Can you play chess? Then challange the Queen!

Try this recipe if you like cooking!

Find out how old you are!


2. Directions


We are learning how to give directions.

First of all, remember the questions that we ask:

– where is…?

-can you tell me the way to the…?

– how do I get to the…?

Try to revise some vocabulary here. Then you can try this exercise or this one or this one. Not tired? Have a look here.

It is important to revise prepositions, so you could practice them with these links 2.

20120917-214736 place1 prepositions of position

Now you are ready to practice directions. Click here



Kangourou Competition

Hi guys!

We have the results of the competition which we had on February 26, 2014. Unfortunately no one will enter the regional semifinals, but I am very proud of you all! You did a good job! Keep on working hard! I adore you!