Thanksgiving Day


Celebrated on: Fourth Thursday in November

Thanksgiving Day is the fourth Thursday in November, but many Americans take a day of vacation on the following Friday to make a four-day weekend, during which they may travel long distances to visit family and friends.

The holiday dates back to 1621, the year after the Puritans arrived in Massachusetts, determined to practice their dissenting religion without interference. After a rough winter, in which about half of them died, they turned for help to neighboring Indians, who taught them how to plant corn and other crops. The next fall’s bountiful harvest inspired the Pilgrims to give thanks by holding a feast.

The Thanksgiving feast became a national tradition — not only because so many other Americans have found prosperity but also because the Pilgrims’ sacrifices for their freedom still captivate the imagination.

To this day, Thanksgiving dinner almost always includes some of the foods served at the first feast: roast turkey, cranberry sauce, potatoes, pumpkin pie. Before the meal begins, families or friends usually pause to give thanks for their blessings, including the joy of being united for the occasion.

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1. Shopping at 1CM

Hi! This is our shopping mall…This morning we went “shopping” in our classroom. There were lots of shops: the baker’s, the greengrocer’s, the toy shop, the sports shop,  the music shop, two clothes shops and a stationer’s!

Good job guys! and we had some “funny” thieves, too!



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Which shop was your favourite one? Which one was very expensive? What did you buy?

I bought lots of things: one Inter jersey, one Inter scarf ;), a CD by Shakira and one video, a very nice white and blue hat, some bread and some fruit ,too!

Thank you guys! It was good fun!


USA National Anthem

This is the American national anthem.. “The Star-Spangled Banner” was recognized for official use by the Navy in 1889, and by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916, and was made the national anthem by a congressional resolution on March 3, 1931

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Cari ragazzi, molti di voi sono davvero attivi nel blog e questo mi rende molto contenta.

Ovviamente ne terrò conto 😉


Vi voglio però dare alcune regole essenziali per il buon funzionamento del nostro blog:

1) tutti i video e materiale caricato devono essere in lingua inglese ( canzoni in spagnolo, tedesco o altre lingue saranno rimosse).

2) se pubblicate qualcosa motivate o date una breve frase che descriva chi/cosa è ( in inglese)

3) evitate di mettere 30 foto di un gruppo in un unico post.

4) postate anche eventuali schemi e quanto altro trovate di utile per l’inglese.

Thank you