Our competition: the winner is…

Hi! Here is the solution for our first competition:


I have been to the Stadium in Milan several times

I was a very good student

I don’t like dancing

I started teaching 13 years ago

In my flat there are two bedrooms.

No one found all the five lies, but Edoardo found 4/5.

Congratulations to Edoardo! You will a smaller prize anyway

Next competition at the end of November!

Competition (gara)

Hi! Read the following facts about me. There are 5 false things! Write a comment indicating the numbers of the wrong things. If you find all the five lies you will win a prize! This contest ends on Monday evening at 8 p.m.


  1. I love Inter
  2. I adore cats
  3. I have never been to the stadium
  4. I was born in Arzignano
  5. I have got 2 cats
  6. I am 38 years old
  7. I was  a bad student
  8. I can ski
  9. I can speak English, German, French, Spanish
  10. I started teaching 10 years ago
  11. I love sleeping
  12. My best friend is called Stefania
  13. I have got a grey car
  14. I don’t come to school on Thursday
  15. I like dancing
  16. I have got blue eyes
  17. I visited New York in 2009
  18. I am touchy, sensitive, hard-working.
  19. In my flat there are three bedrooms.
  20. My birthday is in February
  21. Last summer I went on a cruise
  22. I can’t stand onions or garlic
  23. My favourite colour is white
  24. My kitchen is white
  25. I can’t play the piano
  26. I like teaching
  27. I have got a  Samsung mobile
  28. I never play football
  29. I sometimes go to the cinema at the weekend
  30. My brother is called Simone


October 31 is Halloween!

The history of Halloween is not entirely a clear one. Many hundreds of years ago, a people called theCelts lived in Europe and on the British Isles. The Celts believed that the souls of the dead visited Earth on the last day of October. They had a festival in honor of these souls of the dead, and they called it Samhain.

In time, the Roman Empire conquered the Celts and took over some of their beliefs as well. This included Samhain. The Romans combined it with their own festivals. And since the Roman Empire spread across a great part of the known world, the idea that the souls of the dead visited Earth on the last day of October spread far and wide.

Many ideas from the Roman days still survive in the United States and in other Western countries. Halloween is one of them.

But how did we get the name Halloween?

In the 8th Century, the Catholic Church declared November 1 to be All Saints’ Day. The church calendar had a number of days honoring saints already. November 1 was picked to be the day to honor all saints who didn’t already have a day named in their honor.

And the mass that the Catholic Church celebrated on November 1 was called Allhallowmas. This meant “mass of all the hallowed [saintly people.]” It was commonly called “All Hallows’ Day.”

And somewhere along the line, the night before became known as Allhallowe’en, which was short for “evening before All Hallows’ Day.” It was then shortened to what we now call it, Halloween.

One last question: Why do people dress up as ghosts, goblins, vampires, and other scary creatures? The people who started all this Halloween business many years ago believed that if they appeared scary, they would scare away the spirits of the dead who were roaming the earth on All Hallows’ Eve. These people also carried food to the edge of town and left it there, hoping the spirits would eat that food and not come raid the village.


The Story of the Jack-o-Lantern

Jack, it seems, was a bad man. He kept all his money to himself. He wouldn’t help people for all of his life. When Jack died, he wasn’t allowed into Heaven because he was such a miser: a person who wouldn’t share his money.

It seems that Jack also had played tricks on the Devil, who wouldn’t let him into hell, either.

Jack was stuck. He had to walk the earth, holding a lantern, until Judgment Day.

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Very important

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I don’t understand (non capisco)…

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Columbus Day

In the USA and other countries of New World there are a celebration for Christopher Columbus’ arrival in these countries on the October,12. In every part of  USA there are big parades and the italian flag flies everywhere.