3. How to create a voki

Hi guys! To create a voki follow the following:

  • visit www.voki.com
  • register (insert your email address)
  • you’ll receive an email from voki and you’ll have to click on the link they send you if you want to activate your account.
  • now visit www.voki.com again and log in (insert email address and your password)
  • click on option create (top left side) and choose an avatar that you like. You can customize (=personalizzare) it. When you think you like it click on “done” button.
  • Type your text and give the avatar a voice (select it from the menu).
  • Click on publish to save your work and send it to my email address.

Hope you have fun!

Waiting for your wonderful avatars! Let’s see who will create the funniest one.